Karl Chevrolet

LED Site Lighting Conversion

Ankeny, Iowa





Project Highlights

  • 74% reduction in energy costs, saving 1.5M kWh per year
  • Wireless lighting controls added to dim the lighting after hours
  • Reduced the luminaire count by 60 heads 
  • Eliminated dark spots throughout the nearly 30 acre lot, improving uniformity and increasing security

Tesdell’s Work & Results

Tesdell Electric assisted in the design of the project as well as executed the one for one replacement of all pole mounted site lighting at Karl Chevrolet’s nearly 30 acre lot in Ankeny, IA.

overhead shot of Karl Chevrolet dealership and parking lot at night
exterior shot of glass Karl Performance building with blue sky and clouds behind

Tesdell also installed Hubbell’s wiScape View, a graphical system management software platform to control, configure, and monitor the facility lighting.

The end results provided a $12,500 reduction in energy cost the first month, before controls were even initiated. The retrofit to LED also provided a roughly 12,000 savings in annual maintenance.

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