Design / Build

Electrical Design
Our design team is very adept in preparing designs that create added value for our customers when compared to the traditional design spec and bid process. Our method of value engineering not only has proven benefits in cost and quality but also helps reduce time in the design process and potential errors in communication between multiple parties. Tesdell Electric has over 30 years of design/build experience and employs multiple in-house CAD operators. We design to fit the requirements of the Iowa Energy Conservation Code so you can rest assured that your building will be wired safely and efficiently.

Home Wiring Design Layouts
We will work with the building contractor and you directly to make sure that your home is wired for your specific needs. Whether you are installing single room lighting controls or a whole home control system such as Lutron Homeworks™, we will plan it out all before we even touch your home. Because we treat electrical work as just one part of your home build we enjoy working with your building contractor to make sure your home is exactly what you want, right down to the smallest details.

Commercial/Industrial Electrical Design Layouts
Let our  team plan a lighting design that will not only impeccably light your office building or manufacturing facility but also provide you with the most energy efficient way to do so while meeting the Iowa Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and boosting your teams productivity.

Parking Lot Wiring Design Layouts
Properly lighting a parking lot is quite more involved than it appears. We have trained electrical designers that will calculate the precise placements of lights to achieve the optimum layout for your parking lot.