Don’t get caught without power. Our residential and business generators will keep you up and running. Generators are essential to powering up critical equipment where line power is not available.

A residential or business generator helps to keep your home and/or business running by providing you with worry-free emergency power that will support our everyday electrical needs for days to weeks. Commercial generators are clean and quiet and provide automatic backup power allowing your family to be comfortable in the occurrence of a power outage. We install KOHLER standby generators which restore power within 10 seconds of a power outage and get you back up and running your business in no time.

Power is critical in running every part of your business. Protect your powered equipment with a reliable business generator. We offer KHOLER generator and several other generator brands that are all available in EPA-compliant diesel, gas and LP configurations. We install generators capable of handling small load residential and business to heavy industry loads. Every one of the generators we install is engineered to provide maximum power, flexibility, performance, and fuel efficiency.

Transfer Switches
Connecting the utility with standby power is not an easy thing to implement. Tesdell offers KOHLER/-E transfer switches that have been proven to be very valuable for their use in businesses in Des Moines, and in businesses around Iowa. The switches are loaded with sophisticated technologies and advanced designed features ensuring that the transfer of power to critical load applications will happen quickly, smoothly and efficiently. The transfer switch will move the power from utility to generator power within one-sixth of a second, letting you continue to function as if you are running on utility power.

Generator Controls
Our generator controls give you the ability to manage the application of your generator. Every control can be customized to your unique specifications and will be engineered with safety and simplicity in mind so that the displays and keypad functions remain easy-to-use. Our controls have innovative network communication abilities so that they can be monitored remotely 24/7. They also include programmable software to make future system upgrades easy.