Lighting Systems

Lighting costs account for, on average, up to 40% of your office building electric bill every month. This means that your lights are almost equivalent to every other system in your building that uses electricity such as your heating and air-conditioning unit. Installing a Lutron Lighting and Shading System can reduce the amount of energy used for lighting by up to 60%. This can cut your electric bill down by almost 25%.

Dimmers – Dimmers save energy and money when the lights are on. By installing a dimmer you will automatically reduce the amount of energy you use per light by 4-9%. Dim just 2 halogen 60 watt light bulbs in your conference room or private office by 35% and you will save almost $120 over 5 years. You will also extend the life of your light bulbs to over 10 years.

Sensors – Sensors save energy, maximize daylight, provide optimum lighting for every room and turn on the lights when movement occurs within a room increasing safety. Installing a daylight harvesting sensor in rooms with windows will help you to take full advantage of the sunlight while also lowering your energy usage.

Timers – Never worry about if you turned the lights off again. Timers can be programmed to go off after a specified amount of time or time of day so that you can save energy when the lights are not in use. You can also program the lights to dim to a certain level after a set amount of time or time of day to be used as security lighting. Integrate a timer with a whole building system and you will watch your energy use drop tremendously.

Increase Productivity – The productivity in offices and industrial/ manufacturing facilities has been shown to increase when your team is visually comfortable.

Improve Safety and Security – Improve safety and security for your employees and your property. Your employees will feel safer with well-lit hallways, parking lots, and lights that automatically turn on when a room is entered. Your building will stay secure with dimmed lighting that deters potential trespassers.