Power Quality Analysis

Power Quality is essentially a set of boundaries that allows electrical structures to operate in their intended mode without significant loss of life or performance. Electrical Power is what powers an electrical device and the device’s capability to function with that power. When electrical power is not working properly, errors occur, as well as the chance of it not working at all. Tesdell Electric is available to ensure that your power quality is at its highest capabilities and that your devices will work at all times.

Power Xplorer PX5

The Power Xplorer PX5 is the most innovative product of its kind, providing these great features:

  • Fast Transient Capture – captures information in a time-effective manner
  • Power Quality Surveys and Diagnostics – provides instant data
  • Capacitor Switching Events – can handle a number of situations
  • Load Distortion and Imbalance – will provide data no matter the case
  • Flicker – Lighted reaction
  • Compliance Monitoring – Meets the standards for the procedure
  • Harmonics – Accurate frequencies

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