Site Work / Underground

Trenching is a way to lay pipe in the ground in depths up to five feet. Trenching is a very quick and cost effective way to install your site work. Tesdell Electric has several dedicated and experienced site work installation crews to serve your needs.

Pipe plowing is a method used to pull pipe into the ground behind the trencher / plow machine. The conduit is gripped on behind a thin plow blade and pulled directly in as the machine moves forward. Depths of 36″ can be obtained easily with the machine pictured. Very little damage is done to the ground surface and virtually no settling occurs.

Directional Boring
State of the art directional boring machines allow us to install site work under existing paving, or other hard to reach places. Using a radio guidance system our operators can monitor the direction and depth of the directional rods that drill through the ground.

Cable breaks are easy to find with special equipment that traces and then pinpoints the break. The actual break in a cable can be found within a foot, saving complete or partial replacement of a cable.