Fire Alarm

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems
Tesdell Electric has installed hundreds of fire alarm panels all around central Iowa. From small retail spaces to high rise buildings we have a fire detection system that will fit your needs and your budget. If you need your fire detection system designed we have experienced NICET designers that can make sure your system will meet current fire code and provide you the protection you need. We offer a variety of fire system solutions from time tested quality manufacturers such as Notifier, Simplex, and others.

With applications such as sensing technologies, addressable notifications, voice integration, systems integration, and special hazards you can trust your commercial fire alarm to keep you safe in the event of an emergency.

Sensing Technology:
Reduce false alarms and maintenance cost, with automatic environmental compensation and identification of sensors in need of cleaning. Heat and smoke sensing analog data is transmitted quickly to notify you of a problem. You can choose your smoke level sensitivity to fit the needs of your business and much more.

Addressable Notifications:
Get a notification from one specific detector. Don’t worry about having to disrupt your entire company to test alarms or pinpoint a malfunctioning alarm. Address the problem with a specific alarm immediately and test alarms silently in addition to many other helpful and intuitive features.

Voice Integration:
Let your fire alarm do the talking. Your buildings voice evacuation system will broadcast the message that a fire has been detected and give clear instructions on how to exit the building.

Systems Integration:
Fire alarms can be integrated with all of the other systems in your building including security, communication and software.

Special Hazards:
Some fires cannot be extinguished with traditional sprinkler systems. If your building runs a risk of experiencing hazardous conditions that cannot be controlled by an ordinary system we can work with you to determine the right system(s) for your building and make sure that all of the wiring is correct so that your detector will set the correct system off in the case of a fire.