Integrated Security Systems

Access Control

Tesdell Electric uses Kantech EntraPass Access Control to provide you with the best access control out there. Kantech EntraPass Global Edition is the most powerful software package Kantech has to offer. With features like global anti-passback, area management, WebViews for integrating and displaying live video from IP cameras, and SmartLink Task Commander that allows you to automate system tasks, EntraPass provides solutions for even the most demanding and widely-dispersed applications. The software also integrates with Kantech Telephone Entry System, providing a robust security solution for multi-tenant buildings. The EntraPass Global Edition multi-workstation software package accommodates an unlimited number of users, controls up to 266,144 card readers per Global Gateway, and allows users to simultaneously access the system from up to 128 workstations connected to the network.

EntraPass Global Edition’s distributed architecture supports connections to remote sites using direct connections, dial-up modems, and IP communication with KT-100, KT-200, and KT-300 controllers using Kantech IP Link, or the KT-400 Ethernet-ready four-door controller with an onboard Ethernet port. Both Kantech IP Link and KT-400 provide secure communication via 128-bit AES encryption with the EntraPass system. All communication is sent over the network only when required, keeping network traffic down to a minimum.