Why Hire a BICSI RCDD?

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire A BICSI RCDD

  1. BICSI’s RCDD program is the standard of the industry.
    • Based on BICSI’s Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual, the RCDD designation was established by telecommunications professionals to document and standardize the base of knowledge an individual needs to be a telecommunications designer. This designation has become the standard measurement used to identify design experts.
  2. RCDDs have demonstrated a wide range of knowledge.
    • Every RCDD professional has successfully completed and passed an extensive exam on the fundamentals of telecommunications distribution design.
  3. RCDDs are tested from a generic perspective, giving them flexibility.
    • RCDDs have been tested from a generic viewpoint. They are not inhibited by specific product criteria. They exhibit innovation, advanced techniques and long-term thinking.
  4. RCDDs are often required.
    • The RCDD designation is recognized and mandated by many private and state organizations. Many projects today require that bids be submitted by an RCDD.
  5. RCDDs exemplify professional conduct and integrity.
    • Professional conduct and integrity of work completed mark the RCDD expert. A relationship of trust and honor is established with you and your RCDD.
  6. RCDDs must complete a structured program of continuing education.
    • RCDD registration renewal is required every three years. A continuing education agenda requires all active RCDDs to participate as a prerequisite to understanding and meeting all current renewal specifications.
  7. RCDDs have access to a steady flow of professional, technical and industry information.
    • Active RCDDs have continuous access to the latest information in the telecommunications design industry. Changes, updates and revisions in telecommunications industry standards are known to render programs, projects and objectives obsolete. Armed with this knowledge, your RCDD can minimize these impacts.
  8. BICSI provides a wide range of training courses.
    • Professional training for telecommunications professionals is the objective of BICSI’s courses. Every accredited, active RCDD has direct access to more than 100 training courses and seminars, including: Distribution Design, Wireless Networks, Fiber Optic Design, Grounding and Protection, Project Management and more.
  9. BICSI conferences enrich the knowledge and capabilities of the RCDD.
    • BICSI conferences are attended by people all over the world. Rapidly changing technology, new products and the effects of critical issues and challenges constitute the primary focus of BICSI conferences.
  10. RCDDs have ready access to telecommunications resources.
    • Through membership in the BICSI, RCDDs have the capability of accessing nearly 20,000 telecommunications professionals in all facets of the industry.