The MBX IP system provides a scalable solution for business that require up to 250 users.

Because MBX IP is a converged telephony system, businesses can choose a mix of digital, analog, cordless, or IP telephones to meet their requirements. MBX IP provides a migration friendly pathway for existing MP-5000, FX-II and XTS IP systems, supporting traditional endpoints, IP endpoints and SIP trunking – all with a single system that is scalable to meet the demands of enterprise customers. MBX IP will support all of the existing XTS-IP, FX/MP digital, and SBX IP endpoints, including the new Edge 8000 phones, as well as, having a compatible feature set. Having a large number of users, you need to be able to grow and expand your system, with no worries. Deploy VoIP immediately or migrate at your own pace, without any issues with the migration process.

Enjoy the benefits of VoIP now, or evolve at your own pace.
With MBX IP, you get support for traditional endpoints, IP endpoints, and SIP trunking in a single system. Which means you can deploy VoIP immediately or migrate at your own pace. Plus, the system can accommodate up to 250 users and up to 72 multiple sites, so you enjoy pay-as-you-grow scalability. Leverage your investment by delivering voice and data over a single IP circuit. Or deploy telecommuter options without the expense of moving to an all-VoIP system. Unlike traditional analog trunks, MBX IP can take advantage of T1 or PRI trunks to provide cost savings and functionality that was not provided before.

Get up and running fast—and stay that way.
When you’re running a business, you do not have time to deal with setting up and maintaining a telecom system. MBX IP integrates easily with existing networks, supporting a variety of phone types including digital, analog, IP phones, soft phones, and Wi-Fi phones for mobile users. Our pre-configured database templates make installation a breeze. Add users or change settings simply by using a web browser! Ultimately, MBX IP lets you focus on your job, while we focus on providing you with the appropriate telecom system.

Use the telecommunications system already used by thousands of businesses around the world.
MBX IP was developed in partnership with LG Electronic’s worldwide leading telecommunications division, LG-Ericsson. With thousands of systems sold worldwide, this communications system has a proven track record. Thanks to the growing market, you are now able to receive quality communication systems at an even more affordable price. MBX IP is a solution you can rely on!

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