Vertical Wave IP

Don’t settle for just the ‘dial tone’. Expect more.

The Vertical Wave IP-2500 is perfect for headquarters and medium offices. It offers a modular design, unique suite of ‘on-box’ applications, extensive family of supported endpoints (phones) and powerful management tools. Wave’s applications inside architecture can increase employee productivity and reduce operating costs for businesses of any size – from small single-site businesses to large multi-site enterprises. Wave IP integrates desktop and enterprise applications with voice communications in a streamlined system that is easy to deploy and manage.

Simplify Communications
Traditional phone systems hide dozens of features behind hard-to-remember star codes and keypad combinations. This leaves you not using any of the features you are paying to have. ViewPoint represents a quantum leap forward for business communications because it delivers the power of an enterprise IP-PBX – Wave IP – through an intuitive graphical user interface. ViewPoint’s feature set is rich enough to satisfy the most demanding power users:

  • Presence Management
  • See Your Call History
  • Unified Communications
  • Handle Conference Calls
  • Call Recording

Manage Your Voicemail Visually
ViewPoint removes the mystery behind the blinking message light on your phone. How many messages are there? Which are most important? How old are they? This sometimes even prevents you from listening to them at all in fear of having to listen to all the messages. Instead of forcing you to listen to each message sequentially, ViewPoint displays your voicemail visually, letting you prioritize your messages at a glance. You can listen to the most pressing voicemail first and add notes easily. This provides you with a better communicational set up not just for yourself, but anyone else who has messages on the voicemail as well.

Multi-site Networking
WaveNet combines multiple locations into a single telephone system, merging users from various locations to present a single network wide extension list and dial plan. This is not just more helpful for the one calling in the company, but also the many users on location. Employees everywhere can reach each other through seamless intercom dialing, view presence and personal status (via phone or ViewPoint) and seamlessly exchange voice mails without the need to remember location or complicated dialing codes.

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