Lighting & Shading Systems

Lutron Shading Solutions

Harvest just the right amount of daylight with a Lutron shading system.

Benefits of a Lutron Shading System

  1. Lutron shading systems prevent your computer or television screen from being washed out by the glare of sunlight.
  2. They diffuse the light entering the room so that you can experience optimum visual comfort.
  3. Protects your furniture, art, wood surfaces and rugs from fading due to harmful UV rays.
  4. Automatically adjusts the amount of sunlight let into the room throughout the day so you will always be in the best light possible.
  5. Helps you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter by deflecting or harnessing solar heat while lowering your electric bill at the same time.
  6. Saves energy and reduces the need to use electric light by using daylight.
  7. Offers the ability to program in a set routine and control the lighting in the room with the touch of a portable button.