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If you need assistance please take a look at our most commonly asked questions received by our residential, commercial, and communications departments. You may also want to visit the manufacturers sites for our most commonly installed products for more detailed assistance.


How do I reset my smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector?
Most smoke alarms will reset themselves after the condition that caused the alarm has cleared. Oftentimes you can open a window or use a fan to help any remaining smoke clear the alarm chamber. You can also “silence” the smoke alarm by using the built in silence button on the smoke alarm. This varies by brand, but often will allow the smoke alarm to be temporarily quieted for up to 15 minutes. To use this feature press the test/silence button on the alarming unit. The silence feature does NOT disable the unit – it makes it temporarily less sensitive to smoke. If smoke levels are high enough the unit may stay in alarm for your safety.
Is my fire alarm up to code?
Please call our office and we would be happy to discuss this with you. Our number is 515-289-4000
Do I need to replace my smoke detector?
If the smoke alarm becomes contaminated by excessive dirt, dust, and/or grime, and cannot be cleaned to avoid unwanted alarms, you should replace the unit immediately.
How often should I test my smoke alarm / carbon monoxide detector?
The manufacturer strongly recommends testing all fire detection units on a weekly basis using the test button that is built in to the smoke alarm unit. Never use an open flame to test the unit.
How do I test my smoke alarm/carbon monoxide detector?
Please refer to the specific instructions for the brand and model of smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector in your home. We have provided links (right) to the most common smoke detectors we install in the homes we wire.
My fire alarm is blinking, what does that mean?
Different manufacturers use different patterns for what the LED’s (blinking lights) mean. Please refer to the user guide that came with your make and model of smoke alarm. Two popular brands are BRK and Kidde and we have provided links to the user guides (right) to these models which we commonly use in the homes we wire.
How do I change the batteries in my carbon monoxide detector?
Changing the battery in your smoke detector is a crucial part to keeping your smoke detector operating in a reliable manner. Depending on the specific brand and model of your smoke detector the battery compartment may be "front loading", which means you can access the battery compartment from the side of the unit and will not need to take the unit off its mounting base. If you have a "rear loading" unit, the battery compartment can only be accessed from the top of the detector and will need removed from its base by twisting the detector counter-clockwise. Please refer to the manufacturer instructions for the smoke detector unit installed in your home. The two most popular ones are BRK and Kidde.
How often should I check the battery in my smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector?
Each manufacturer will have their own recommended battery life for their smoke alarm. Most newer models provide a warning chirp indicating that the battery needs replaced immediately. Actual battery life will depend on the alarm and the environment it is in. Regardless of the listed/recommended battery life, if the alarm unit is chirping the battery needs replaced right away.
Why is my smoke detector beeping?
Smoke Alarms typically beep at a rate of once a minute to alert you to a low battery condition. If your smoke alarm is chirping you should replace the battery per the manufacturer’s instructions.


Can I pay my invoice by credit card?
Please contact our office at 515-289-4000 during our normal business hours to have invoices processed electronically. A service fee may apply.


Why does my Vertical business phone only ring once?
If the ringer volume on your phone has been turned down to the lowest setting, the phone will still provide a "splash" ring making the phone appear to only ring once (even though the incoming call is still active on the phone) To correct this, simply adjust the ringer volume back up to the desired setting by pressing the "volume up" key on the phone while it is idle.
My Fire Alarm Panel is "beeping", what should I do?
If you have physical access, the fire alarm control panel should have brief information on the screen about the nature of the issue causing the panel to beep. Please call our office to discuss what is on the screen so that we can suggest corrective action.